3 Ways to Go Green that will Benefit Your Wallet and Mother Earth

There are many benefits to going green and many purposes. It is a show of respect and care for our mother earth as well as creates a safer, cleaner, more inviting place for us to live for years to come when we Go Green. The belief of many people about going green is that it is a way of spending more and increasing your inconveniences. Truthfully, going green does not have to be expensive and inconvenient. Some ways to go green and also save some green while you are at it are listed below.


One motive of going green is to conserve. Many people’s focus is on 2 of the 3 Rs which are reuse and recycle. They always forget about reduce which is the 3rd R. The society we live in relies heavily on consumerism. We keep buying and buying and buying as encouraged by advertisements and other people without giving it much thought. Sooner or later, most of the items we buy end up in the trash can. Even if we are donating items (which is awesome and goes in line with “reuse”), they will still inevitably end up in the trash at some point. We could make a huge difference in production waste and pollution as well as the product life cycle ending (the dump) by not buying and demanding in the first place. Get a little comfier using one item for multi-purposes, or buy better quality from the beginning and treat your items well so you aren’t replacing them at a later point (or at least not replacing as much.) Pay attention to what you really need and stop the urge to buy “just to buy.” While you help the environment and our health as a whole (remember less pollution), you will be saving a ton of cash by spending less and getting more out of what you do buy. The money savings will serve as extra motivation to love our earth more.

Make Your Own

You need to learn to make your own soaps, air sprays and some general household cleaners with minimal effort and cost. The best recipe to DIYs is the internet for household cleaners and soaps. Diluting a couple of tablespoons of liquid castile soap with distilled water in a foaming dispenser is one of my favorite tricks. It is possible to have your own fast and easy foaming hand soap for literal pennies on the dollar. To take it up the notch, don’t buy the reusable foaming pump, buy a foaming hand soap on sale and when it runs out, just rinse the bottle and use the foamier bottle to hold your handmade soap moving forward. Castile soap is a great multipurpose item that has so many uses. Just be mindful that not all DIY cleaner recipes are safe or work in the way they promise. Stick to reputable sites and resources when making your concoctions. With a little research and trial and error, you can be rolling in natural products that are better for your health AND some extra dough.

Take Up a Fruitful Hobby

There is some minimal start-up cost to this when considering seeds, soil enhancement in some areas, water, gardening beds if you need or want them; they pay you back ten folds eventually. This is an opportunity for you to create your personal small or big organic garden with your favorites. You will be able to grow more effectively and have yourself a great seasonal garden that produces year round as you get some experience behind you with time. You don’t need a lot of space for a small garden as some people are able to set up in a window sill or time invested to be productive. You can save yourself bundles over time and eat healthier at the same time with a small investment. You can help cut down on the waste and pollution created from this type of transport by having your own producing garden.

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