Here are some resources to help you if you have found yourself in financial stability or you are struggling financially and you are looking for ways of eliminating your debts. When you want to make smart decisions concerning your finances, having solid money management skills is essential. It is rather unfortunate that schools do not have the capacity of teaching these skills and upon entering adulthood, most of us are forced to teach ourselves the ropes when it comes to basic financial matters. Many individuals make financial missteps in their lifetime and must work at getting back on track to achieve their goals. You can use the resources below to build a solid foundation of knowledge in money management and it can lead you to practice healthy spending and saving habits. You can also take advantage of these educational resources that will be useful for a lifetime if you feel you are in a money situation that is spinning out of control.

Consumer Finance 

Tools and resources that are useful for planning the big financial decisions in your life are offered by CFPB. Here you can start from the beginning, reading up on topic basics such as auto loans or credit cards.  Explore key terms for major financial matters like mortgages or download tools such as the Homeowner’s Guide To Success. For those facing a financial crisis, CFPB offers a number of beneficial tools to help you work towards a solution or find counseling.  By educating consumers with these resources, the CFPB supports individuals in tackling their money issues head on and improving their financial standing. They even offer a 21-day Get a Handle on Debt Boot Camp that can guide you in building a better financial profile. You can take a ten question quiz to find out your financial well-being and see what measures you can take to improve it if you are curious of how you stand financially. CFPB can conveniently help you to take charge of the financial part of your life and help you achieve your goals.

Money Management

One of the organizations changing how individuals overcome their financial struggle is Money Management. Money Management also leads individuals and families to a safer more stable economic place by serving individuals through education, empowerment and guidance. Through their websites, you can get assistance on specific issues such as cutting your home insurance costs, avoiding foreclosure and filing for bankruptcy or you may choose browse budget guides.

Getting back on your feet is made easier when you read the Financial Tips and Advice blog with articles like, “What Debt Should You Pay Off First?” or “How Much Credit Card Debt Is Okay When Buying A Home?”.  Offering free debt and budget counseling, Money Management provides you with a light at the end of the tunnel with a number of financial solutions.

My Money

We are being enlightened on the five building blocks of money and skills needed for successful financial management by My Money. These 5 principles are Save & Invest, Protect, Spend and Borrow.  Gaining knowledge on the foundations of money will help you make better day-to-day decisions to keep your finances in order and your goals on track. There is always more learning one can do in this area and the information provided on this site can help you nail down the strategies that best work for you.  Visit the Tools tab to explore planning checklists, budgeting worksheets or other resources to help you make smart decisions for your wallet. You can search for what you need direct on their website if you do not find what you are looking for. There are hints, tips and helpful advice to aid in navigating these big decisions for guidance on financial choices relating to major events of life.

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