Having a car is one of the integral parts of life. A car gets you to work and gets you back home from work. It also allows you to get to the store to buy groceries and everything you need. It gets you to the hospitals in case of any medical emergency. With a car, you have the freedom of traveling cross country on an adventure or visit friends and family. All of these benefits, however, come with a price. The statistics conducted in 2017 made it known that the average cost to own a vehicle which includes the purchase amount, car insurance and filling it with gas is $9,576 annually.

That is about $798 per month. If you have fallen into the category of people spending almost $800 on their vehicle every month, then this article is for you so you can learn how you can lower that number drastically. The tips below can be used to save a lot of money on the cost of cars.

Get rid of your overpriced insurance premium

The truth is many of us are overpaying for car insurance as we speak. Luckily in a matter of minutes, we can change all that. Find out exactly how much you can save using this tool. Comparing car insurance policies is an absolute must and your first step in finding savings. If you care about your car and money which we are sure you do, then you should definitely do your homework before purchasing a new policy. With the presence of multiple insurance providers, deciding on a policy can feel more confusing than convenient these days. The easiest way to get the best deal for your car insurance is with comparisons online.

Stop Paying for Car Repairs

The catastrophic effect of car repairs to your wallet is dangerous especially when something you do not have funds to fix happens to your vehicle. Averagely, the amount saved frequently for auto repair bills by a household is less than $1,000 and auto repair bills can be significantly more than this. It is not feasible for many households to save an amount that would be sufficient for emergency funds for this type of situation. If such a thing happens, an auto warranty is a great tool you can use in order to protect yourself and your finances from taking that kind of hit. The right plan can save you up to 60% on auto repairs keeping your hard-earned finances safe for use on other necessities. There are a lot of options in the extended auto warranty market. As a first step, get a FREE quote from a top auto warranty provider.

Find Better Loan Options

Trading in your high interest loan vehicle and financing a new or used vehicle with better loan terms is another way you can use in saving on a reliable transportation. Lots of financing companies will help you find the best financing options for your budget, credit and personal needs. This company makes auto loans easier for Americans. Their simple approval criteria makes car buying a piece of cake for people with credit issues. Take advantage of this resource to explore your options and find a car loan with low monthly payments no matter what your credit score is.

Beat Climbing Gas Prices

The price of gas keeps increasing regularly. It is more important than ever to stretch your dollar these days. You can luckily and easily save big at the pump by simply adjusting some of your driving skills and habits. Here are 12 tips to make your car as efficient as possible.

Get Financial Assistance

 If you are facing financial issues whereby it is difficult for you to fill up your gas tank weekly or you have come to the conclusion that you can no longer afford to use your vehicle, be rest assured you are not alone. After housing, transportation is the second most expensive expense for some households. In order to maintain financial independence, the struggle of finding reliable and affordable transportation becomes an issue. Despite the importance of its availability, there are still a great number of cities that only offer limited public transportation options. The lack of affordable transportation has reduced individual’s access to jobs, key goods and services becoming a huge barrier for people trying to better their economic standing.

With commuting problems being a central theme for many low-income people trying to build a better future, we’ve decided to look into possible solutions. Assistance for low-income residents to find better, more affordable transit options.

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