Do you want to quit your current job? Did you just get laid off at work? Are you seeking for employment opportunities? Do you need an updated job or you discover your current job needs some improvement? All you need to do is to consider completing some job training.

This is because the job market is pretty competitive these days. It is important that you bring your best self to the table. An international employment agency, Adecco Staffing, recently found in a recent survey that 92% of employers believe American workers lack required skills. Half of the 92% also felt that employees were missing out on potentially important job training opportunities.

Before you can be gainfully employed, your job training and gaining of new skills is important and this is the reason we took time and research to compile some information below on free job training programs that can assist you in propelling you in to your next great opportunity.

U.S. Department of Labor

There is sector called Employment and Training Administration (ETA) in the U.S. Department of Labor. What this sector does is to provide information on programs and services available to you. You will find a variety of programs that can potentially suit your needs when you visit their website. Some of those jobs are;

  • Apprenticeship Finder – This tool will help you locate apprenticeship opportunities you can qualify for.
  • Career One Stop – This tool will help you to find job training, professional development, and educational furthering. You can also apply for financial aid, scholarships, and grants here.
  • Worker Reemployment Portal – This tool is specifically designed to help those who have experienced layoffs gain the training they need to obtain gainful employment.
  • Job Corps – If you’re within the ages of, the Job Corps can help you to gain the skills and education needed for the employment you want.

Private Industry Job Training

In order to assist with job training and skill development, there are different private organizations you can go through. Below are some of the popular organizations:

  • SCORE: current entrepreneurs and business owners have access to this program. People who wish to own a business can also make use of this program. You will be paired with a mentor who can help you learn and grow in the area you need to in this program. Over 300 locations nationwide are available for this program and many of them offer workshops. You can also find online webinars on their website.
  • Goodwill – Goodwill offers skills and training programs to assist individuals to find employment in various labor industries. Opportunities vary from location to location. You can contact your local Goodwill to see what is available to you.
  • AARP – If you are 55 or older and low-income, AARP can help. With their program, you can be matched with agencies and programs that can help you into the job training program that’s right for you. There are 72 locations nationwide that can assist you with this.

Community Training Programs

There are community training programs you can make use of which means you do not need to look further than your community for job training. An essential tool for communities to offer in order to ensure their citizens can thrive is career training.

Online Job Training

Lots of online courses are available for you online. You can even earn certifications on your time and schedule and in a variety of different areas such as:

  • Event Management
  • Marketing
  • Computer Science
  • Web Design
  • Public relations
  • Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Agriculture
  • Music
  • Photography

Above is a few of the categories of online job training you can apply for. Local colleges and trade schools often have opportunities for you on their websites. There are also websites below you can check with for online job training and certification:

  • Saylor Academy
  • Stanford Online
  • OnlineDegree.Com
  • Oxford Home Study College

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